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Therapists, Coaches, Sex Educators, Health Professionals, and Healer-Activists

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Course Instruction

In the Course Content section below you will find three modules. Each module is split into topics for easy navigation and digestion of the material. Move through each topic to complete the modules in order. The content builds on itself to create a truly transformative education. Also, be sure to click on the “Materials” tab in each lesson to explore worksheets and resource guides along the way! You can track your progress through the course at the top of your lesson screen. Once you finish a topic or a module, you can mark it complete by clicking the “Mark Complete” button at the top right of your lesson screen or at the bottom of each lesson. Enjoy the journey!

Informed Consent

The topics taught in this course inherently challenge much of what we are taught about gender and sexuality in our upbringings with an aim to liberate ourselves from unconscious biases and reclaim what is true for us as individuals. YES! Because of the complex nature of this content, personal emotional material may arise as a result of this education.

While the result and benefits of this program may be therapeutic in nature, it is not therapy. Because this is a self-paced program, it is imperative that you maintain a caring and compassionate eye on your internal emotional landscape. Please seek therapy services if they may support you to heal and integrate any personal material that arises throughout your program.

Facebook Community Forum

As a part of this course, you have access to our online Community Forum where you can post your questions, find resources, and connect with community. I want to acknowledge that Facebook is not everyone’s preferred platform (it certainly isn’t mine for many many reasons) and for now we are hosting our forum there because it still yields the highest engagement rate. If you are not a Facebook user and don’t want to be, I hear you, I see you, I support your decisions, and this is what we’ve got for the time being.

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