QCC Continuing Education: Decolonizing Wellness

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**Please note: This is a Continuing Education Course ONLY for students who are enrolled and have completed the Queer Competency Certification program.**

Caress Fitch: Decolonizing Wellness – Cultural Humility and Wellness

Join Caress Fitch (she/they) to explore:

  • How and why cultural competence affects wellness outcome
  • Medical Bias and Cultural Competence
  • Wellness and Marginalization
  • Healthcare Advocacy and Intersectionality
  • Medical Trauma incidence in marginalized communities

Caress Fitch (she/they) has been coaching and consulting for 25 years, focusing on sexuality and relationship coaching for the past five years. Caress is a proud Black, Queer, Disabled, Non-Monogamous Leathergirl who advocates for the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Poly, Kink, and Disabled communities in every aspect of her life and work.

QCC Continuing Education: Decolonizing Wellness

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