QCC Continuing Education: Medical Care Beyond the Binary

NOTE: Dr. Frances Grimstad selflessly declined to take any payment for this lecture and instead requests that students watching this recording make a donation to an intersex and/or transgender advocacy organization if they are able (see below for links to organizations)!

**Please note: This is a Continuing Education Course ONLY for students who are enrolled or have completed the Queer Competency Certification program.**

Links for Donations

Per Dr. Grimstad’s request, if you have any spare funds please consider donating them to any of the following intersex and transgender advocacy organizations:

The Boston Children’s Gender Affirming Care Fund, which primarily supports students who identify as trans and intersex in leading community centered projects.

The Transgender Emergency Fund of MA, which supports trans folks experiencing housing and food insecurity, pays for bail funds, and other life-giving services.

InterACT: Advocated for Intersex Youth, which fights to support the rights of intersex youth against harmful medical practices.

We are truly blessed to get to work with such a generous, intelligent doctor and activist as Dr. Grimstad. Thank you for considering a donation towards these causes she has dedicated her life to!

a photo of frances grimstad

Speaker Bio

Frances Grimstad (she/her) is a Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

She engages in clinical and research work surrounding transgender and intersex reproductive health. She has been involved in trans health advocacy since her own adolescence, when she decided to pursue medicine to address disparities in care faced by these communities. Her interests center around optimizing reproductive health outcomes for both populations including hormonal and menstrual management, sexual health, surgical care and family planning. Dr. Grimstad believes in using research and advocacy to dismantle clinical bias and bring more evidence-based care to gender-diverse patients. 

At Boston Children’s she is the founder of the Transgender Reproductive Health Service and is also the gynecologist in the Center for Gender Surgery. She believes reproductive health and the decisions that surround it are deeply personal and as unique as each individual. She prioritizes individualized reproductive, sexual and fertility goals for her transgender and gender diverse patients.

QCC Continuing Education: Medical Care Beyond the Binary

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