QCC Continuing Education: The Power of Words

a photo of assetou xango

**Please note: This is a Continuing Education Course ONLY for students who are enrolled and have completed the Queer Competency Certification program.**

Class Description

A discussion of the power language to name our experiences. In this 90-minute session Assétou Xango brings forth questions that stir the shadowy, unseen parts of identity and call them into the light through the power of words. 

Speaker Bio

Assétou Xango (Ah-say-too SEAN-go), also known as the Dark Goddess Poet, uses Spoken Word to dismantle the harmful, colonial binaries that bind us. As a black, pansexual, polyamorous, genderqueer, womxn, Xango exists as a representation of the in-between, the darkness that serves as the mirror to our shadow self. Xango’s other-world guides us to accept the parts of ourselves that have been deemed irredeemable. 

QCC Continuing Education: The Power of Words

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