Module 8: Moving Forward



Now that you have made it through all of the course material, it is time to celebrate all of the ways you have grown as a result of this program!

This module is all about reflection, gratitude, and putting the skills and knowledge you have gained to work better serving the LGBTQIA+ community!


Your next step in completing your certification is the assessment process. Please complete the following items following the Assessment Instructions bellow. 

  • 30 Question Assessment
    • This assessment can be found under the “Materials” tab of this module. Once the assessment is complete, you can upload it using the upload box bellow.
  • Pronoun Practice Spreadsheet
    • This spreadsheet can be found under the “Materials” tab of Module 2. Once the spreadsheet is complete, you can upload it using the upload box bellow.
  • Complete Business Audit 
    • The audit can be completed by going through all audit sections in Module 4 and uploading associated materials in the spaces provided for each section.

Queer Competency Certification Assessment

This is your final Assessment required to complete you certification. Please follow the instructions:

    • Download the PDF by clicking the link above. If you do not have a version of Adobe that allows you to edit and save the PDF you may copy the questions into your preferred text editor (ie: Word or Pages) and complete your answers there.
    • You may review class recordings and use your notes to complete the assessment
    • You must complete the assessment without the assistance of other students or alumni
    • When you have completed your assessment, upload it to the web portal using the Uploads box in Module 8.
    • You may receive partial credit for incomplete answers, and your total points awarded must equal 90% in order to pass the assessment.
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