Reflecting On Our Journey Together – QCC

Reflecting on Your Journey 

  • Before starting this program, what was hard for you about serving the LGBTQIA+ community? What did you struggle with?
  • What were you wanting when it came to serving the LGBTQIA+ community? What goals did you have for yourself entering this program?
  • What were the thoughts, emotions and sensations that arose for you as you started your program? What was happening for you?
  • Reflect on your journey as you moved through the modules. What were some of your big pivot points, milestones or breakthroughs?
  • What were your big “Aha!” moments?
  • Did you experience any personal healing as a result of this program? If so, how?
  • What were some of the big needle movers that contributed to your growth? What were some of the moments or teachings that made a big difference for you?
  • What is possible for you now that wasn’t possible for you before?

Setting Goals

  •  What are the things you still need or want support with?
  • What is your plan to get that support?
  • Think about the intersectionality within the LGBTQIA+ community. What other communities do you still need to learn about in order to be able to better serve LGBTQIA+ people competently in the nuance of their other intersecting sociocultural identities? 
  • What is your plan to seek out this education?
  • What ways do you want to bring your new skillset to the people you serve? Do you need any support in making those dreams come true? If so, how do you plan to resource and get the support you need?