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Queer Competency Membership

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Queer Competency Membership

Continuing Education for Therapists, Coaches, Sex Educators, Health Professionals, and Healer-Activists

Membership Logistics

Membership Instruction

This membership is a monthly space for alumni of the Queer Competency Certification Program to continue learning together, creating community, and advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights, health and wellness in our professions. As a part of this program you will have access to one monthly community call, affiliate status, and discounted Allyship Booster Pack courses to give to your friends and colleagues.

Informed Consent

The topics taught in this course inherently challenge much of what we are taught about gender and sexuality in our upbringings with an aim to liberate ourselves from unconscious biases and reclaim what is true for us as individuals. YES! Because of the complex nature of this content, personal emotional material may arise as a result of this education.

While the result and benefits of this program may be therapeutic in nature, it is not therapy. Because this is a self-paced program, it is imperative that you maintain a caring and compassionate eye on your internal emotional landscape. Please seek therapy services if they may support you to heal and integrate any personal material that arises throughout your program.

Call Info

Our monthly calls are scheduled for the third Thursday of every month at 3:30 PM PT

Here is the zoom link to join the monthly calls:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/*******337?pwd=eFN0bEc4RVNNQ1NMMk5hRTAybGhvQT09

All calls will be recorded with a 7 day watch-back period. Here is the link to the most recent call: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/eOA5-VUBQPCn_HO9GSanNDkmkJagi-DJQuTkoMb476ReqVQ0q_I3xltWMLIK9hXn.wLBcmO6fdlfmYnZB

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Each month you get a personalized coupon to give to one friend or colleague that will take %50 off of the Allyship Booster Pack course. Each month this code will update so check back!


Book 1:1 Coaching

As an alumnus, you get access to discounted 1:1 coaching with Terra as often as your sweet heart desires. Calendar PASSWORD: MyPleasure

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Affiliate Marketing Info

As a huge thank you for helping me spread the word about this education to those who need it, I offer 5% payout on any sale you make. Make that money friends! Let’s change the world. You should have received your affiliate link via email. This link especially tracks what sales we can attribute to you, so give it to all your friends! If you haven’t received this link, please email info@embodyemerge.com to get it set up. You can navigate to you personal affiliate page under the “My Profile” tab in the navigation bar at the top of this page.