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VIP Access to the Queer Competency Certification
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This program has been crafted for alumni of the Queer Competency Certification and for those who have lived the content themselves through their experience as a transgender or intersex person. We are here to deepen the potency and reach of our activism to leverage our healing and transformative impact on the world.

  • Become more resourced and confident in your activism.
  • Refine your skills as an agent for change.
  • Hone your inner game to make the biggest impact possible.
  • Learn to guide transformation in others.
  • Deeply integrate Queer Competency to go beyond something you learned. Make it part of who you are.
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Course Logistics

Course Instruction

This course is divided into lessons that track the trajectory of development of the activist mindset from a position of privilege. Through witnessing and unpacking this process, you will learn skills for ushering others accept and transform their privilege into power for positive change.

The Course Content section bellow will guide your journey over the next 4 months. In each lesson you will find sub-sections where class materials and zoom recordings will be uploaded weekly.

We will meet weekly on Thursdays at 11am PST over zoom to discuss what is being taught in the Queer Competency Certification (QCC) from a birds eye view.

In order to get the most out of these discussions, please sit in on QCC classes each week. Your role in QCC classes is unique: witness, absorb and learn from watching the process of transformation in others. Think and take notes on how the class is being taught. To hold your role sacred, please refrain from actively participating in the discussion, both verbally and in the chat.

After each class airs, the all zoom recordings will be uploaded to the sections corresponding with that class for your rewatch pleasure.

Zoom Access

The zoom link for all classes, Q&As and coaching sessions is:

Password: MYPL3ASUR3

Informed Consent

The topics taught in this course inherently challenge much of what we are taught about gender and sexuality in our upbringings with an aim to liberate ourselves from unconscious biases and reclaim what is true for us as individuals. YES! Because of the complex nature of this content, personal emotional material may arise as a result of this education.

Your instructor is highly trainedĀ  to help you process these experiences in a constructive way, and intends to support your personal evolution as pertains to the course material. While the result and benefits of this program may be therapeutic in nature, it is not therapy. Please maintain a caring and compassionate eye on your internal emotional landscape and seek outside therapy services if they may support you to heal and integrate any personal material that arises throughout your program.

Coaching Sessions

Included in your program is access to 50 minute 1:1 coaching sessions at a discounted rate of $175/session. These sessions are intended to support you in your development, whatever that means for you. Feel free to bring personal, professional, and emotional content to these sessions. I fully intend to bring all of you along with us on this journey.

You can schedule your coaching sessionsĀ here. (Password: MyPleasure) If you don’t see a time available that works for your schedule, feel free to email me at

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