Self-Attunement Series

The Self-Attunement Series is a 8-session Authentic Movement group series. This offering is a weekly embodiment space designed to deepen your relationship to self, intuition, and the workings of your subconscious.

What is Authentic Movement?

The practice of Authentic Movement is an embodiment modality that brings together depth psychology and intuitive movement. The Discipline of Authentic Movement was forged in the 1960s by Dr. Janet Adler in collaboration with Dance Movement Therapy pioneer, Mary Starks Whitehouse. In the practice, movers close their eyes and listen deeply to the movement impulses that arise in the body. Without planning or contriving what happens next, the mover allows themself to be moved by whatever arises within them. Movers connect with sensation, imagery, and feeling, as they let themself move intuitively. This opens communication with the subconscious and allows what exists in the depth of our being to be made conscious. Thus a deeper relationship with the self may be forged.

In this group, the facilitator assumes the role of the Witness, whose job is to hold the space for depth and connection. The Witness sits with eyes open attending simultaneously to each Mover and their own inner landscape as group members move with eyes closed. The role of the Witness is to support the bridge between the Mover’s internal and external worlds, the subconscious and the conscious. After movement is complete, the Movers and the Witness come together to share, without obligation, what arose for them. This space gives an opportunity to deepen both connection with self as we learn to put words to our internal experience, as well as connect with each other to feel deeply seen, held, and supported.


Tuesdays 5:45-7:45p 

Meets weekly starting on April 2nd, 2024

If enrollment is closed for the current session, please claim your spot in the following series.


Embody Emerge

3430 SE Belmont St. #201

Portland, OR 97214


This group is led by Terra Anderson (they/them), who is white, transgender and non-binary, temporarily able-bodied and navigates some neurodivergence. This is a space that affirms LGBTQIA+ identities, respects pronouns, and is unwavering in each member’s commitment to creating an environment where people of all races, genders, ages, body sizes, and religions, may feel supported, respected and held. Community agreements are established at the beginning of each series and maintained throughout to ensure that the facilitator and all participants are accountable to creating the safest space possible.

Please see the accessibility section if you are wondering if the group can accommodate your physical needs.

The Embody Emerge Movement Studio is an intimate size, so we limit this group to 4 participants per series so that we can have enough space in the studio for personal movement. Masks are optional in this space, however we ask that if you have a known  exposure to illness or are personally feeling any symptoms please refrain from attending to support the health of our communities.


Unfortunately, the Embody Emerge Movement Studio is not ADA accessible and exists at the top of a flight of stairs. If you are interested in attending a group like this and have ADA considerations, please contact Terra at for details on group opportunities that will fit your needs.

If you need ASL interpretation, you are welcome to bring an interpreter.

There is no need for eyesight to participate fully in Authentic Movement. People with vision impairment are encouraged to attend.

Bathrooms are gender-neutral and single-stall for your privacy.

This is a low-scent space. That said, the studio is located above the Tao of Tea, so the scent of herbs can sometimes waft through the vents.


Please consider the following points when choosing what investment you make to this workshop. If you do not see a payment tier that will meet your needs, please reach out to Terra ( to inquire about registration at a rate that will work for you.

Pay less if:
You hold a marginalized identity that currently impacts your access to financial stability;

You financially struggle to meet your basic needs or the basic needs of the people who financially rely on you;

You have debt that is related to survival;

You have a criminal record that impacts your access to financial stability.

Please pay more if:
You benefit from privilege;

Your basic needs are met. Please contribute even more if have financial resources left over after meeting your basic needs and the needs of those who financially depend on you;

You have debt that is related to comfort, pleasure or leisure;

You have no debt.

Financial accessibility is of utmost consideration in creating this fee structure. If you are able to pay more at the Tier 3 level, your contribution will go directly to creating financial opportunities for folks who can pay less.

$240 – $480 sliding scale per 8-session series (payment plans available upon request)

Tier 1: $240 for 8 sessions – (This equates to $30/session or $15/hour)

Tier 2: $360 for 8 sessions – (This equates to $45/session or $22.5/hour)

Tier 3: $480 for 8 sessions – (This equates to $60/session or $30/hour)

Registration Requirements

For New Students

New students are required to complete this questionnaire prior to attending your first class. Because of the nature of Authentic Movement, personal psychological material may arise. While this class is not therapy, it may be therapeutic in nature. Therefore all new students are asked to complete a registration form that will help the facilitator meet your needs and create a safer group environment. Thank you!

For Returning Students
Because limited space is available, please register for the class beforehand using the booking form below. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason providing your payment information online, you may reach out to the instructor, Terra, directly at to register. Thank you!

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Apr 02 2024


5:45 PM - 7:45 PM


Embody Emerge
3430 SE Belmont St #201