About Embody Emerge

“There is no way to repress pleasure and expect liberation, satisfaction or joy.”

–adrienne maree brown, Pleasure Activism

a photo of a colorful green and orange butterfly which has emerged from a cocoon
a photo of a colorful green and orange butterfly which has emerged from a cocoon


To support individual and institutional autonomy from gender and sexuality based oppression through healing, education and advocacy.


A society liberated from gender-based oppression where all people are free to express themselves and love one another in full celebration of diversity.

What is Embody Emerge?

Embody Emerge, LLC aims to heal the impacts of gender and sexuality based oppression to uplift a more authentic, impassioned, and socially just society. The founder of Embody Emerge, Terra Anderson, approaches this mission from two angles: supporting both individuals and the community to grow and heal.

Erotic Empowerment Coaching

On the individual level, Embody Emerge offers identity affirming sex coaching to the LGBTQIA+ community to aid in the reclamation of power, pleasure, and wellbeing for those most impacted by gender and sexuality based oppression.

Professional Coaching, Training & Consulting

To support change on a community level, Embody Emerge offers professional coaching, training, and consulting to health professionals and sex educators who want to serve the LGBTQIA+ community in an uplifting, informed, and competent manner.

What can you expect from us?

Terra Anderson leads Embody Emerge as a socially conscious business. This means that the success of Embody Emerge is measured by its efforts’ positive impact on society, taking into consideration gender, sexual orientation, race, age, class, and ability. The mission of Embody Emerge to focus specifically on gender and sexuality includes all people, which means that this organization is committed to racial equity, ending agism, offsetting class disparities, and the empowerment of all bodies and all types of ability to have access to services – and most importantly, access to pleasure, connection and wellbeing.

a photo of terra anderson smiling and standing by the door of a house

Our approach to transformation is unlike any other.

All of the services provided at Embody Emerge – counseling, coaching, training and consulting – are founded in the principle that the body and mind must work together to achieve the change you wish to see in yourself, in your work, and in your world.

Most people believe that the mind drives change.
If you can change how you think, you can change how you act –
but at Embody Emerge, we know it’s deeper than that.

In order to create a sustainable shift in deep seated patterns you must value your body like you value your mind. Changing only your thoughts won’t give you lasting results. Listening to your body is at the very core of real, sustainable change that transforms unconscious bias, helps you overcome social programming, and heals the wounds of trauma. Your body communicates in subtle, felt ways such as the changes your breath when your boss enters the room, how your chest feels when you get nervous, or how suddenly your mannerisms shift when you are talking to someone of another gender or race. Embody Emerge will ensure that the transformation you seek happens on a core level that creates sustainable, observable change in your life, your work and your world.

Take charge of your reality, feel the difference in yourself and your world.