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Empleasured Coaching

Intimacy Coaching for LGBTQIA+ people seeking a sexual expansion that is shame free.

  • Claim what is erotically possible without shame or doubt
  • Experience more ease communicating your desires
  • Foster a deeper loving connection with your body
  • Create the intimacy and erotic empowerment you crave

More pleasure please!

a black and white image of Terra Anderson
a black and white image of Terra Anderson

Coaching for Connection

You’ve fought your whole damn life for the freedom to be who you are. Your pleasure shouldn’t be a fight. One thing is for sure, your right to erotic freedom won’t be won in a battle against your own body.

So what is it that you desire, and how the heck do you ask for it in a way that your partner can receive?

Naming your desires is hard. You never got a formal education in what ignites your body, and any education you did receive likely painted your true longings to be unacceptable.

You want to explore the edges of what is erotically possible for you, but forging into that territory feels risky, vulnerable, and can be fraught with shame. Even if you’ve got intimate relationships that support your expansion, where do you start?

This is where I come in.

My mission is to help you navigate the road to ecstasy, to easeful communication, and to erotic expansion.

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Empleasured Coaching Package Options

We all unfurl at different rates. Coaching packages are hand crafted for you on your Passionate Possibilities Call.

We will consider the price point that feels accessible to you as well as the pace and level of engagement that suits your schedule.

Let’s connect and get started!


You need a package that is as unique as you are. Here's a rundown of the coaching components you have to choose from!

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

Imagine having the ability to communicate your desires with ease and confidence… The Erotic Blueprints™ Program is an 8 module online journey that takes you through:

  • Discovering your unique map to arousal
  • Finding the language to ask for exactly what you need
  • Learning to read the body of your partner(s)
  • Identifying and overcoming key obstacles to pleasure
  • Learning to speak your needs with confidence and ease
  • Membership to the Erotic Freedom Club – an online platform fro connecting with other erotic explorers

7-Step System for an Empleasured Life

This program masterfully ties together the key foundations of Somatic Psychology. Empleasured Coaching is a 7-step system that helps you:

  • Identify your needs and desires
  • Build trust in your body and your voice
  • Find more freedom of expression and experience
  • Discover what embodied consent feels like for you
  • Play with pleasure!
  • Find deeper satisfaction in your life, through 1:1 coaching

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are 75-minute virtual calls that:

  • Are held from the comfort of your own home
  • Help build the tools, confidence, and understanding you need to create deeper intimacy with yourself and others
  • Bring together experiential learning, somatic practices, discussion, emotional processing, and sex education to meet you in all aspects of your growth

*Though the content of our coaching may include sex-related topics, no sexually explicit practices will take place during sessions.

Body Mapping Session (Partnered or Solo)

Body Mapping Session is a 3-hour experiential session that:

  • helps discover exactly what your body is covering
  • teach you the process of mapping your body and others’
  • explore different sensations over different parts of your body to determine what lights you up and what doesn’t

No direct touch takes place between us, rather I will offer:

  • compassionate instruction
  • guidance and feedback for you to build touch skills as you explore your own body and partner’s if they are present

Build Your Pleasure Play Kit

Think of your Pleasure Play Kit as your sensory themepark, or your erotic toybox. The Pleasure Play Kit is:

  • Based on what we discover about your body
  • Full of sensory delights that work for your body’s unique needs
  • Helpful to discover some things you never knew you wanted

Pleasure Prompts, Adventure Dates, & Sexperientials

I like to offer, as a bonus to clients, titillating invitations to bring fun and adventure to your sexplorations. This includes:

  • Prompts to play with in between sessions
  • Ideas and guidance for dates that will expand your possibility for connection
  • Experientials to help you learn about what is erotically possible for you