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a black and white image of Terra Anderson

According to Weeze podcast

According to Weeze: The Podcast

In this episode Terra and Weeze break down what’s required of each of us to ensure we’re moving toward collective liberation. A part of that is understanding how to work with our privileged and marginalized identities. Just because someone holds a marginalized identity doesn’t absolve them of perpetuating systems of oppression, so it’s important for each of us to learn how to listen and follow, as well as understand when it’s time to lead depending on the situation and what we’re currently standing up for.


  • Why having a marginalized identity doesn’t absolve someone from reproducing systems of oppression and being held accountable.
  • The art of decentering and learning how to operate within our privileged and marginalized identities.
  • How privilege affects the body and what it does to us when it’s unhealed and unacknowledged.
  • The emotional labor and toll it takes on those with marginalized identities to hold space and educate.


  • Do your work to separate biological sex from gender identity. Separating anatomy and body parts from the gender identity that a person holds, so we can transform the conversation around gender.

There's a Hack for That Podcast

There’s a Hack For That

In this episode, Erica and Lauren interview Terra Anderson, MA, R-DMT, Gender Justice Educator and Founder of Embody Emerge, LLC. They are on a mission to support individual and institutional autonomy from gender and sexuality based oppression through healing, education and advocacy.

We discuss the difference between biological sex and gender, the difference between the terms queer & LGBTQIA+ and when to use them, how oppression & trauma show up in the body and hacks for being more inclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community.

This is a powerful conversation and we invite you to be part of the movement to heal the impact of gender and sexuality based oppression. Will you join us?

The Evolved Masculine podcast

The Evolved Masculine: Redefining Sex, Power & Success – The Gender Revolution w/guest Terra Lyn Anderson (Ep. 062)

What do the terms gender, biological sex, and sexual orientation really mean? Have you thought about the pronouns you use? Why should we be programmed to think in black and white when we know that’s not the case? Join my guest Terra Lyn Anderson and me as we talk about redefining sex and the subtleties and differences within. This is such a great learning experience, and I wish that you learn with me on this episode.

The Real World NP Podcast

LGBTQIA+ Competency for Healthcare Providers: Interview with Terra Anderson

LGBTQIA+ cultural competency helps not only our patients to feel safer, seen, and supported, but it also improves health outcomes. Many providers aren’t sure what that competency looks like, or even where to start. It’s more than the correct pronouns and language – but how much more?

In this week’s episode, we talk with Terra Anderson, who uses they/them pronouns, is a somatic therapist, and LGBTQIA+ educator about how providers can improve their competency when working with LGBTQIA+ patients.

You Contain Multitudes Podcast

The Magic of Queerness and Pleasure Activism with Terra Anderson

I’m joined by Terra Anderson, the founder of Embody Emerge and the Queer Competency Certification. They are a leading voice for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the sex education, health, and embodiment industries, and someone I personally consider my support system as I navigate my sexuality. I recently had the pleasure of taking their Queer Competency course in an effort to reconcile the deep incongruence between the business that I was leading and then the way I was living my personal life. Even though I signed up for the course for professional reasons, I ended up learning so much about my own queerness and how I show up in this world.

We dive into what pleasure activism means to Terra and how they are creating work around it, specifically with their new course called Peace & Pleasure. We discuss how we can cultivate a deeper relationship with our own bodies as an act of liberation and embrace the radical spirit of queerness. We break down the superpowers of queerness and talk about queerness through the lens of history. I also unpack my feelings around coming out as queer and posting about it on social media.