We commit to disrupt and dismantle systems of oppression in how we do business.

Embody Emerge commits to actively protect marginalized identities who engage with our company, including all employees, contractors, vendors, clients and customers. In relation to business operations, policy and procedure, Embody Emerge will not tolerate or be complicit in any act of discrimination or harassment on the basis of any protected sociocultural identity. Furthermore, Embody Emerge is committed to taking actions towards equity and justice for marginalized sociocultural groups as a means of creating a safer and more just society through our work.

Embody Emerge is an equal opportunity and equity minded employer, meaning we go beyond non-discrimination and aim to provide opportunities that are disproportionally withheld from certain sociocultural groups to promote equity on a societal level. Applicants of all backgrounds (race, sex, gender identity, gender expressions, sexual orientation, age, class, ability, body size, religion, citizenship status, nationality, felony status, pregnancy, or marital status) are encouraged to apply. Recruitment will be based on qualifications, merit and equity principles combined. This policy applies to all employment and contracting practices within our organization including hiring, recruiting, promotion, termination, layoff, leave of absence, compensation, benefits, training, and mentorship.

Discrimination is defined as the unjust treatment of an individual on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, gender expressions, sexual orientation, age, class, ability, body size, religion, citizenship status, nationality, felony status, pregnancy, or marital status. Examples of discrimination include, but are not limited to unjust discrepancies in behavior, policies that create and inequitable environments for employees, contractors or customers, and harassment, and micro or macroaggressions.

Harassment is defined as targeted harmful behavior that creates a toxic environment for the targeted person. Examples of harassment include, but are not limited to, name-calling, gossiping, inappropriate questions, humiliation, nonconsensual sexual actions, advances, or innuendoes, amongst other behaviors.

Reporting Discrimination

If you witness or are subject to discrimination within Embody Emerge by Terra Anderson in the context of employment or as a client, there are a few options for seeking reparations:

  1. You are invited (but not required) to reach out directly to Terra Anderson to initiate repair at info@embodyemerge.com. Terra is committed to mending any infraction no matter how large or small and growing as a result without exception to ensure nothing like this happens again. However if this does not feel right for you for any reason please look to the following options.
  2. Contact a professional mediator. Embody Emerge uses Diana Nadeau at contact@diananadeau.com
  3. Contact Embody Emerge’s Lawyer, Michael Jonas at michael@rationalunicorn.com
  4. Contact the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries at help@boli.state.or.us to file a claim and gain legal assistance in reparations.

If you witness or experience discrimination by someone other than Terra Anderson within the context of Embody Emerge, such as by another employee, contractor, or fellow program participant, please make your report directly to Terra at info@embodyemerge.com so direct action can be taken. Please indicate in your report if you would like your information to be held anonymously throughout the reparations process.

Actions Taken in the Event of Discrimination

If discrimination is reported against Terra Anderson, they will do whatever it takes to repair the relationship to whatever extent is desired by the person/people impacted by the discrimination. Terra commits to do better from that point forward and implement new strategies to ensure safer spaces. In the unlikely event that discrimination happens towards a client or customer, that person may receive either a partial or full refund for the services purchased, a public apology may be issued with the victim’s consent, or other means of repatriation may be requested.

If discrimination happens between clients, customers or students within Embody Emerge services or programs, the person who the complaint was filed against may be subject to removal from the program, cancellation of services without refund, or other actions requested by the person targeted by the discrimination.

If discrimination happens by an employee or contractor of Embody Emerge, the person the complaint was filed against may be required to seek further training around the targeted identity paid for by the employee themself, demotion, or termination depending on the severity of the offense.

Embody Emerge believes in “Call In Culture” and will always aim to educate and uplift before dejecting or ostracizing someone on their learning journey. However, protecting marginalized people in Embody Emerge spaces will always take precedent over taking responsibility for someone else’s growth process who is actively doing harm. Actions taken in the event of discrimination will be co-informed by both the victim and Embody Emerge leadership.

This policy aims to create the safest spaces possible for social justice learning and healing. If you have input into how to make this policy stronger, please contact info@embodyemerge.com with your suggestions.