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Somatic Sex Therapy

An embodied therapeutic approach to sexual healing and deeper intimacy for the LGBTQIA+ community.

More pleasure please!

a black and white image of Terra Anderson
a black and white image of Terra Anderson

So you want more ease, confidence and connection in your intimate relationships?

You want to feel more awake to pleasure, present in your body, and clear about what you want and how to ask for it.

One thing is for sure – you’re ready for expansion.

Something in you knows there’s got to be more to sex and pleasure than this.

Everything you’ve tried has brought you here, seeking support from an affirming, compassionate and skilled counselor.

Ideally, you’d find a queer and trans provider who you doesn’t make you feel like you have to armor up to feel safe around them. You’re looking for someone who is going to hold your tender parts, and also challenge you in the best ways. You want someone who’s not all talk, but is going to help you get into your body. You’re looking for a therapist who’s committed to doing their own personal work so they can show up for you just how you need.

If you’re a yes so far, there’s a good chance we’re a fit.

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More About Me

Hi, I’m Terra.

I am queer, trans, kink-affirming, polyamorous, somatic sex and relationship therapist. I see therapy as a space where you can practice being your full, unfiltered self and be met with care and compassion. Every. Single. Time. In this way you get the opportunity to dig into shame, rework old patterns that no longer serve you, and get perspective on the most intimate parts of your life that may feel too vulnerable to share otherwise. I can hardly describe how important I think having a space like is for our community. You’ve had to fight hard in this world to be who you are and to love how you love. Therapy should be a place where you can lay that armor down and be fully met by a professional who is whole-heartedly invested in helping you create the life and relationships you want.

Finding a sex therapist with a somatic lense is no easy task, especially when you’re looking for a queer/trans-affirming space. My approach to healing explores how movement, posture, sensations, and breath are tools for exploring your needs, desires, communication, and most importantly, embodied consent.

When you sign up for therapy with me you can expect a poly-affirming, kink-positive environment to deepen your relationship to pleasure and create more ease, freedom and expansion in intimacy.

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