Authentic Movement

An embodiment practice for deeper insight, stronger intuition, and powerful self-compassion.

The most direct route to self-insight is through your body.


I bet you’re here because you’re a seeker – someone hungry for self-knowledge, practices, and experiences that will continue to open you to deeper layers of yourself.

You’ve probably been on this healing journey for a while now but you’re longing to touch something you haven’t been quite able to reach. It is time to move past your mind’s defenses to access that deeper part of you that’s finally ready to be seen.

Talking about these things just isn’t getting the job done. The mindfulness practices you’ve tried are a great start, but there’s more to you that hasn’t been unearthed. You know that the route into this deeper self-insight is not through your mind… its through your body.

Authentic Movement brings conscious awareness to the unseen.

The benefits of Authentic Movement are vast, ranging from deepened intuition to trauma resolution however the way it works is quite simple.

This practice opens communication between your body and mind. It turns up the volume on the subtle so that you can hear the nuances of what your body wants you to know.

Whether you are trying to find stability during a major life transition, you’re seeking relief from a chronic physical or emotional pain, or you are simply longing to chase the mystery of your inner wilderness, Authentic Movement creates a pathway between the wisdom you already have, to that which lies beneath the level of consciousness.

What is Authentic Movement?

Authentic Movement is an embodiment modality that brings together depth psychology and intuitive movement. The Discipline of Authentic Movement was forged in the 1960s by Dr. Janet Adler in collaboration with Dance Movement Therapy pioneer, Mary Starks Whitehouse. In the practice, movers close their eyes and listen deeply to the movement impulses that arise in the body. Without planning or contriving what happens next, the mover allows their body to respond to whatever arises within them. Movers connect with sensation, imagery, and feeling, as they let themselves move intuitively. By opening conscious awareness to the body in this way, a bridge to the subconscious emerges. This creates new pathways for self-insight, healing, and overcoming old roadblocks to change.

After movement completes there is an opportunity to put words to what arose for the mover. This process supports the transition of subconscious material into conscious awareness. Language helps to solidify the insights gained during movement, deepening the mover’s inner knowing and their sense of self in relationship.

Choose How You Want to Practice

Whether you want the privacy of individual sessions, the depth of a multi-day retreat, or the consistency of group practice, you’ll find what you need here.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions offer the privacy and support to go as deep as you want with this work. For deeper emotional processing these sessions can be paired with somatic therapy.

Couple’s Sessions

Authentic Movement offers incredible benefits to couples. This work teaches communication techniques that support each partner to truly feel heard and seen in their most vulnerable moments. Authentic movement also strengthens embodied consent, and supports partners to see one another without projection.




Immersion Packages

Immersions are personalized retreats that provide the sanctuary of retreat space with the depth of 1:1 work. This intensive approach is geared toward a focused healing process for those seeking to transform something in their life.

Immersion packages include 4 individual sessions before the retreat to prepare you for the immersive work, and 3 integration sessions after the retreat which support you to maintain what you learned as you re-enter your daily routines. Immersions can be between 2-5 days and include daily bodywork for integration.





Events & Workshops

Events and workshops are held online or locally in Portland, OR. If you you are interested in having me come to you wherever you are, feel free to inquire about what is possible.


Small group retreats are held a few times per year for people who want to practice authentic movement in person and free from the noise of the world. Retreats are held in various locations in the US and internationally.

You can find out about upcoming events on the Events page, or sign up for my newsletter to stay informed!