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Queer Competency

Certification Program


Therapists, Coaches, Sex Educators & Health Professionals

8 Virtual Classes
7 Q & A Calls
1:1 Coaching
LGBTQ+ Panel

Course Logistics

Course Instruction

In the Course Content section bellow you will find all 8 modules included in this course. For each module, there will be two lessons: one for the module’s lecture topics and one for the Q&A session associated with that module. For each module, watch the prerecorded lectures and complete the associated journal prompts prior to the weekly live Q&A for that module. Q&A sessions will all be conducted live over Zoom and will be recorded for rewatch purposes.

Some lessons have additional topic areas where you will find assignments, resources and supplemental course materials. Navigate through each topic to complete that lesson. Be sure to click on the “Materials” tabs to explore worksheets and resource guides along the way!

Informed Consent

The topics taught in this course inherently challenge much of what we are taught about gender and sexuality in our upbringings with an aim to liberate ourselves from unconscious biases and reclaim what is true for us as individuals. YES! Because of the complex nature of this content, personal emotional material may arise as a result of this education.

Your instructor is highly trained to help you process these experiences in a constructive way, and intends to support your personal evolution as pertains to the course material. While the result and benefits of this program may be therapeutic in nature, it is not therapy. Please maintain a caring and compassionate eye on your internal emotional landscape and seek outside therapy services if they may support you to heal and integrate any personal material that arises throughout your program.

Zoom Access

The zoom link for Q&As and coaching sessions is:


Password: MYPL3ASUR3

Facebook Group

If you haven’t received an invitation to the Queer Competency Support Community on Facebook, please email rheanna@embodyemerge.com to request access.

Coaching Sessions

Included in your program are two 90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with the instructor.

Your first coaching session must be scheduled before Module 5 airs and the second must be scheduled by the end of your assessment window, which runs two months after the last class.

You can schedule your coaching sessions here. (Password: MyPleasure)

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