Non-Binary Support Group

This is a weekly support group for those questioning and defying the gender binary to seek support and community. The group is lead by somatic therapist, Terra Anderson R-DMT (they/them), who’s dedicated their practice to helping LGBTQIA+ people feel empowered in their identities and relationships.

Why join a Non-Binary Support Group?

As non-binary people we have little positive representation of what it means to be non-binary. We learn who we are though uncharted territory, embarking on the journey into ourselves without a map. Discovering our inner-truth can be a lonely and confusing task. How do we know we are who we say we are? What words, if any, can we use to give us the best chance at being truly known? How do we weather the emotional labor of advocating for ourselves daily in a such a binary culture?

In a world where non-binary identities go wildly unvalidated, we often struggle to give ourselves that validation. That is where a community support group comes in. While there is no right way to be non-binary, there is value in learning about YOUR way alongside others.

On this radically unique journey, we support each other as we:

  • discover our enoughness
  • empower our boundaries
  • claim our belonging
  • deepen our sense of self

Who is the Non-Binary Support Group for?

This group is open to people who identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming, or are questioning whether their gender may fall outside of the societal prescription of male or female identities. The factor that brings us all together is our deep questioning of the gender binary and the impact this has on our lives.

What You Can Expect

In this group we create community agreements that guide what we can expect from ourselves and others in the space. These agreements help us provide as much emotional safety as we can for ourselves and one another.

Since the criteria for membership in this group is broad there is a lot of room for difference to be present. Because of this, we commit to fiercely and compassionately learning to be with our differences, our privilege, and our process in ways that create the most safety possible for those who experience less safety outside of this group.

The Logistics

This group is offered in a cohort model to promote a depth of relationship and emotional security that drop-in groups can’t provide. We because of this, we ask for an 8-week commitment for all members. You aren’t expected to participate every week, though we do ask that you sign up for the full term. Once you’re in, you will have first dibs for a seat in the next cohort and as new seats become available new members will be invited in at the beginning of each cohort.

Groups are limited to 8 members to preserve the intimacy of the space while offering a diversity of perspective and community feeling. This number is a sweet spot were those who like to hang back and listen can enjoy their anonymity while the size of the group simultaneously supports emotional risk-taking and vulnerability.

Where: 3430 SE Belmont St.

When: Thursdays 5:30-6:45

Payment: A sliding scale model is offered from $25-$50 per session. This amounts to $200-$400 for the full 8 week term. All participants are asked to pay in full at the start of the cohort.

*NOTE*: Full or partial sponsorships are available. If money will be a barrier to you joining this group, please fill out the Statement of Interest Form at the bottom of this page to discuss your needs.

About the Facilitator

Terra Anderson (they/them) is a somatic therapist specializing in sex, intimacy and relationships. The following identities shape their perspective: they are white, transgender, non-binary, queer, neurodivergent, polyamorous, and kink-positive. Terra has worked in mental health for over a decade primarily within the LGBTQIA+ community, spending dedicated time working with nerodivergent populations, in addiction recovery, and in private practice offering gender and sexuality focussed support. Terra’s approach to healing centers pleasure and the wisdom of the body as tools for personal and collective liberation.

Terra has a deep passion for dance, painting, nature and social justice. And above all, they are really excited to offer this space for their community.

Here’s How to Join!

Please fill out the following Statement of Interest for the group. Terra will follow up shortly by email with next steps!

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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Jul 18 2024


5:30 PM - 6:45 PM


Embody Emerge
3430 SE Belmont St #201